A Cook’s Tour -Singapore- Part 1

A Cook’s Tour -Singapore- Part 1

Anthony Bourdain’s ‘A Cooks Tour’ Season 2 Episode 10 “Singapore, New York In 20 Years”I’ve always told friends I wouldn’t mind being a food critic.. but what’s better? A traveling and eating food lover like Anthony Bourdain! Not only the sights, sounds, but tastes evoking memories! In Singapore, eating is considered a national pastime.. and I was born there!

Amazon.ca: Men’s Health Power Training: Performance-Based Conditioning for Total body Strength: Book

Amazon.ca: Men’s Health Power Training: Performance-Based Conditioning for Total body Strength: Book
Written by CSCS, Robert dos Remedios MA

Mike & Alison gave me this book for Christmas… I’m totally loving it! Time to get serious about functional strength training so that I can get my next body tattoo sooner! ^_^

Snow Storm in Fall (Greater Toronto Area)

The GTA Gets Buried By What Could Be A Record Snowstorm Sunday December 16, 2007 CityNews.ca Staff Forecasters were bang on. A big, blustery almost blizzard-like storm they predicted would dump anywhere …

For all my friends / family in Sunny Singapore… come visit Canada! lol.. Note that the streets in busy downtown are very desserted… everybody wants to crawl under their warm blankets.. myself included! The tires on those cars are just spinning.. no grip!

Pulling My 4 Wisdom Teeth Was A Cake-Walk!

I’m one tough cookie!

Let me clarify – I’m one tough cookie as long as I have my Tylenol-3s with me. Every 4 hours, I gotta “throw some 3′s on that @#$%!“. I came back from my Asian vacation (which I will blog in retrospect soon…) and already I have to get ready to move to the USA (an area that’s an hour away from Boston). In between these 2 happenings, I decided in my “infinite wisdom”. to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth plucked. It’s all part of a 3 year teeth rejuvenation project that I started last year.

The Oral Surgery
I had mixed reviews about the operation from everyone I knew. Some were scary reviews claiming that I would look like a chipmunk with swollen cheeks. Others assured me that it wasn’t that bad. Which fate would befall me? Well, what if I tell you that you’d be in good hands with Doctor Stephen Fitch. The surgery went without a hitch. I was given Nitrus Oxide (laughing gas) to relax me, and intravenous anesthetic through my right arm. Though I knew they were poking everywhere in my mouth, cutting my gums, extracting my teeth and stitching it all back up, I did not felt any pain. The only annoyance was having to hear them ask me to open my mouth wider every 5 seconds. I had a great friend in Jimmy who drove me there and back, and I won’t say I was in the best shape to drive, but I wasn’t feeling too groggy at all either.

Back home, I was biting down on the gauze they gave me to stop the bleeding. The bleeding actually took longer than expected to stop. No, I didn’t take pictures of my bloodied mouth. But after that, I was able to drink some chocolate milk and take the pills they gave. Penicillin was prescribed to prevent infection, and my T-3s worked their magic as the anesthesia wore off. I was vividly aware of the tender gums back, but I felt no residual pain or any swelling with my trusty Codine backing me up. Some folks called me up and I was able to communicate very well, but I definitely preferred keeping my mouth shut. So I slept off the numbing effects this afternoon.

I Need Some Food!
I had been bleeding, subjected to anesthetics and had not eaten all day. So I felt just a tad bit dizzy, but it was all part of my masterplan. Stubbornly locked in the idea that I know my own body best, I had planned to go to Congee Queen for their big bowls of porridge / congee. I felt in control in enough to make the less than 10 minutes car drive. No, I would never risk my life or others’ if I did not feel in control.

Maybe the Taipei trip where I ate alone frequently changed me, but hitting the restaurant at 4pm with few customers felt nice. I’m usually uncomfortable and self-conscious in these situations. Listening to Eason Chan’s music in the background, I wondered whether I should have the shredded chicken / duck / egg porridge or the crab / fish dorsal / egg white porridge. I went with seafood because I wasn’t sure how tender the chicken pieces would be.

The crab / fish pieces were plentiful as Congee Queen are always generous with their meat. Besides the meat, I had the meal plain – no pepper, no soya sauce. The crab pieces have that “too long in the fridge” bland flavour, but the seafood there always has this failing. But I loved that even the solid big pieces would easily disintegrate with one easy bite of my front choppers – perfect for my predicament. For the most part, I didn’t have to chew, just swallowing the big bowl of congee.

More Food!
I’m a quick healer and I strongly believe that I’m able to eat some tender solids now. But why tempt fate? I’d rather allow the healing process to have better probabilities of a smooth transition. So a liquid diet was prudent. On my way back, I stopped to get some meal supplements at Shopper’s Drugmart. Luckily, I was able to buy a variety pack for 5 different flavours – Vanilla (2), Strawberry, Chocolate, Wild Berry and Butter Pecan. Though I love chocolate, I couldn’t stand having it every meal. I could have these meal replacement drinks whenever I’m hungry. Awesome!

My wicked thoughts shift to baby food. So what if I’m an adult? Here’s a great excuse for me to try it again after all these years. There were so many flavours available but I left happy with my big can of “Chicken and Vegetable Risotto” flavour. Yum yum, I’m definitely looking forward to eating it. The congee meal was a really big portion, so even though I’ve had only one meal today, I will probably be having the baby food for breakfast.

Will This Be The End?
Saying goodbye to my wisdom teeth (and my wisdom? if I ever had any…) has been an easy journey thus far. I’m still taking a rest day tomorrow. Though I should be strong enough and am expecting to run some short errands. Thinking back, whenever my muscles get a good workout at the gym, their soreness only shows up on the second day. Hopefully, these trends are not mirrored with gum muscles… crossing my fingers!

I’m Left-Brained And Still On Vacation

I’m still on vacation for my 3 country tour of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan. As of this word, I’m chilling out in Taipei, Taiwan ROC. Though I have my laptop with me, I hardly can squeeze out time to drop a few words about the vacay. So you’ll have to put up with my thoughts, feelings and details after the fact.

For now, just a quick drop-in to give a shout out to Jove for pointing me to this test. I love tests, especially if they are (in my opinion, of course) accurate!

The Brain Test
Take this test at Tickle

You’re a Left-brained!

Most left-brained people like you feel at ease in situations requiring verbal ability, attention to detail, and linear, analytical ability. Whether you know it or not, you are a much stronger written communicator than many, able to get your ideas across better than others.

It’s also likely that you are methodical and efficient at many things that you do. You could also be good at math, particularly algebra, which is based on very strict rules that make sense to your logical mind.

The “300″ Workout + My Asian Vacation

Want Hollywood muscle? I’m trying this 300-rep Spartan workout — used by the cast of the movie — for a full-body transformation.

But I might be running out of time? I’m going back to Asia by the end of this month to visit tons of family and relatives that I’ve not seen in 17 years. Is it vain for me to want to make a good impression? I’m definitely gorging myself on the delicious food on my 3 week vacation. All the more reason to build a strong foundation now!

Here’s a baseline calculation I recently learnt to determine your optimal body weight versus your height. Most people I know aren’t too far off from their optimal height / weight combination. I’ve tested the calculation on a few friends, and all of them have stated that it’s attainable for them.

  • Use the baseline of 5′ 8″.
  • To achieve a lean muscular frame, your 5′ 8″ benchmark weight should be 160 lbs.
    • Under 160, and the focus to build muscle makes more sense than losing fat.
    • Over 160, and the focus should be managing weight through dieting and cardio.
  • For every inch of additional height, add 5 pounds to the optimal weight (i.e. 5′ 10″ = 170 pounds)
  • For every inch of height reduction, subtract 5 pounds from the optimal weight (i.e. 5′ 6″ = 150 pounds)

Continue reading

New Photos – 2007 Canadian Auto Show

This past February 17th, 2007, Michael, Alison and myself went to the 2007 Canadian Auto Show here in Toronto. It’s a sort of annual pilgrimage. After 7 years in a row, I’m almost sick of it, right? This is Michael’s 5th and Alison’s 3rd. Despite the repetition, we still snapped lots of pictures and power-walked the circuit within 5 hours. This is the first time we visited at the start of the auto show week. There were less people and we were able to sit in more cars than previous years. Good fun day.

I thought I’d do something different to introduce the new photo album I’ve put up by putting together a silly comic strip using Comeeko.com. I also put up a mini album on my Facebook page. Enjoy!
a comic strip!

I’m Lost Without You …

Just one of those days when I can’t help but find myself humming and singing under my breath this chorus…

I’m lost without you…
Can’t help myself …
How does it feel?
To know that I love you, baby …

If you would like the know, the song is called “Lost Without You” by Robin Thicke. Want to listen to the song? You can check out the MTV here.Here’s one more trivia for you! Robin Thicke is Continue reading

I Shook Hands With Toronto’s Top Chef, Susur Lee!

Susur Lee vs. American Iron Chef Bobby FlayIf there were any doubt in my mind about who is the best chef in Toronto, they were put to rest after my recent experience of the intricate flavours presented at Susur restaurant. I pride myself in being able to find and experience the best cuisine that this fair city has to offer; whether it be a mom-and-pop shop, or a classy establishment like Susur. I love to eat and enjoy even more when I’m with friends. My recent experience at Susur was far more than I could ever hope for, so I apologize if you begin salivating at my delicious recollection of the night.

Who Is Susur Lee?
Susur Lee On Iron Chef AmericaSusur is a celebrated chef in Toronto with his unmistakable trademark long hair and pony tail. Originally from Hong Kong, Susur opened his first restaurant in Canada, but later became the executive chef consultant for the Tong Luk group, overseeing the quality of Singapore’s finest restaurants. (Yes, there’s always a Singaporean connection in my stories!) He opened Susur in 2000 and followed up with Lee right next door in 2004. Susur has received many critical acclaim and accolades; among which being named in the company of the top 50 restaurants in the world on many international lists.

As if those accomplishments weren’t enough, Susur is also Continue reading

My God… This Explains Everything!

I read from Steve Rubel, that there’s one last great blog meme left in 2006. The blog meme spreading right now is called Which Superhero Are You? You should also know that I’m a big comic geek, so I couldn’t resist taking part in this one! I’m pretty happy with my results because it might explain my self-deprecating personality. Where’s my Mary Jane Watson to save me?

My results:
You are Spider-Man

Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
Wonder Woman
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz