Blog Reboot

I’ve been blogging on since 2004. Although I’ve resisted the temptations many times to start fresh with this blog, this time it feels right to perform the reboot. Over time, I’ll be retiring a lot of the old blog content. I may become sentimental and keep some of the old articles, but the majority will not survive the reboot.

Why reboot now?

Time passes by so quickly without us noticing. It’s been a while since my last blog update. Looking back, I can clearly see the different evolutionary stages of It’s first incarnation on the MovableType platform was as an online journal. Movable Type was replaced with WordPress as I evolved into a better blogger. Once I got lazy, the blog took on a lifestream format by leveraging my social web activities as content. In between, there were a few theme re-designs. The content? Not very exciting, and probably will not be missed.

It’s difficult to criticize myself, but it’s true. Now that I have a separate lifestream section, it makes no sense to continue blogging about my social web activities. This blog will return to its original intent to be my online presence. The recent time off has allowed me to pursue my passions – food / photography / blogging. I started 2 new blogs, and also reworking old projects. can be the aggregating portal of my online work as well as share information that don’t fit in those forums.

Are you only rebooting content? What about design?

Currently, I don’t have plans to re-design the theme but I may do so if time permits. An idea I’m kicking around would be to release the old theme publicly if I pursue a new one. Stay tuned for whether that will happen.

My Chinese Fortune, Do You Think It’s Accurate?

Thanks to my friend Jenny! I tried out a cool Chinese Fortune telling web app. I’m not sure if it’s really accurate. I’d rather those who know me be the judge. Let me know if you think this is an accurate reading? Leave your comments!

姓名: 陳燊
出生日期: 西元1978年9月22日 (農曆67年8月20日)
靈數: 22









Secrets Of Success: Passion, Persistence, Pushy Mothers Why do people succeed? An unmissable 3-min. talk from the TED Conference on the real secrets of success (Hint: Passion, persistence, and pushy mothers never hurt) Delivered by Richard St. John (Recorded February 2005 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 3:40)

7 years, 500 interviews later.. the secrets of success revealed! And don’t forget to hug your moms after watching this!

Uniquely Singapore – Hainanese Chicken Rice

Uniquely Singapore – Hainanese Chicken Rice…

Boil a large pot of water. Stuff the cavity of the chicken with scallion and ginger. Add chicken to boiling water, breast side-down. Lower the heat to a simmer just under boiling point and cook, covered until just cooked through, about 40 minutes. …

If I can call anything comfort food, it’d have to be Hainan Chicken Rice.. sadly.. I had found nothing in Toronto comparable to the Singapore version.. until now! Thanks to Tiago’s & Mark’s recommendations, I found excellent substitute at Phoenix Restaurant (2 locations: woodbine/steeles, mccowan/hwy 7)… fresh, tender, springy, fragrant.. served with good chicken oil rice, the requisite garlic sauce and a thai sauce.. too bad they don’t have good chili to serve with it! But I’d still be willing to have this once a week!

A Cook’s Tour -Singapore- Part2

A Cook’s Tour -Singapore- Part2

Anthony Bourdain’s ‘A Cooks Tour’ Season 2 Episode 10 “Singapore, New York In 20 Years”This is simply too mouth-watering good! And it’s simply torture too since I just got braces and had 3 teeth extracted and am in pain with all the wires and gum soreness.. I can’t enjoy a good meal in reality.. but I cannot deprive my imagination!